Sr No.ServicesDescription
1Information System purchase & Risk evaluation
Purchase planning and setting IT infrastucture and budgeting related to investments and expenses on such assets.
2ERP implementationsupport system to Up gradation from traditional accounting system to ERP solutions.
3CostingCost planning and cost management for Manufacturing and service industry
4Transportation policy framingsupport tool for distribution for manufacturing and trading indystry
5Purchase Policy framingPurchase policy framing and implementation for trading and manufacturing units as per international standerds
6Store ManagementSupport in arrangement of store in optimized manner as per availability of space & other resources
7Process /Operations policy framework
Preparation of standerd operating process (SOP) for all types of establishments for better operations management
8Labour law matters & HR policy frameworkImplementations and preparations of HR policies and drafts for all kinds of communication letters with employees and employees related matters.
9Factory Law mattersFactory law implementations support services & review works.
10SME advisoryAdvisory related to open opportunities to SME and benefits from governments like loans and grants and subsidies.
11ISO advisoryISO initiation, Implementation and audit planning and also support function for other international standards for all kinds of industries.