Our Vision

Our firm's vision is to make all kind of establishments to be competent and stand in current global scenario.

Our Mission

To smooths business ALL Business process & operations of all levels of organisation,and help organizations to achieve their goals by providing best quality advisory & consultancy services.

Our Philosophy

As a chartered Accountants we are counted as economic army of the nation and for the nation for nation development and individual empowerment we work honestly and??sincerely.

Our Firm

A team that loves to create

Ketan??Parekh??& Co. specializes in providing high-end services in management & operational Audit, Regulatory and Audit Assurance domain & Taxation. Built on a foundation of quality, an ability to think out-of-the-box and a business ???focused and result oriented approach;??Ketan??Parekh??& Co. is today positioned as one of the small firms in India. which has international assignments too, we plan to establish our foot-print across all major economies of the world thus creating a global identity.

Our Expertise

Keep it simple

The firm is renowned for its Management consultancy expertise and has been lauded for its handling of such cases/transactions that have provided significant benefits to the clients. As India tries to cope with the overwhelming global competencies Ketan??Parekh??& Co. with its robust knowledge management process is in position to deal with the various complexities of the business world. The vision of the firm is to create a robust service profile that integrates advice from different domain expertise to provide seamless solutions to its clients.